Judy Montgomery, Artist



I could not be comforted

As my heart reeked of utter grief

Their words were meaningless

Stability was brief


In the darkest abyss of my soul

Evil, terror, and flames

Tormented my last flicker of sanity

And struck with cursed shame


Despair laid eyes on me

Like a hungry villainous snake

Then wrapped her cruel arms around me

Causing my body to violently shake


Silence covered my ears

Amplifying each rapid heart beat

Water filled my eyes

Soaking me from head to feet


My mind raced for answers

As more questions became clear

Desperately I searched for peace

But was engulfed with fear


Little child of only ten

I have no way to comfort you

How shall I tell you your daddy died

When a part of you is going to die, too


I want so badly to hold you close

Offering sweet words of hope

But internally demons have torn me asunder

To the point that I can’t even cope


When you can no longer hold your eyes open

And your weeping fades into the night

Lay your head upon my trembling breast

Together we will be all right


Judy Montgomery



Acrylic on Canvas

12 x 16