Artist Statement/Biography 


Artist Statement

My art is an expression of who I am.  It is a visual and written record of where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I am going.  In the past my artwork has been a representation of my innermost feelings and thoughts.  And, although I’ve always had a natural talent for art, I didn’t start concentrating on it as an outlet for my creative energies until 1998.  This is because in school I found art to be a great means for self-expression by painting my feelings on canvas. 
 In 2001 I expanded my repertoire to include Realism painting.  This is the same year I decided to pursue art as both a career and a way of life.  It has been a wonderful challenge to learn and grow as an artist and a person in this area.  Applying the paint and matching the colors of what I see invigorates my soul and drives me on to learn and practice more.  As I continue to grow in my techniques and skills, I hope to someday be able to paint as well as the Masters.
Even more meaningful to me is my subject matter.  For me it is important to capture the essence of whom or what I am painting.  As I do this, my hope is that each of my paintings will reveal part of my own story of what I love, hate, grieve, resent, find joyful, beautiful, or care deeply about.  My deepest desire is that the viewer can see part of their own story in my paintings, that maybe he or she can see what I see, feel what I feel, and that maybe our emotions will share a common connection through my artwork.



Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts and Biology

Workshops and classes at Studio Incamminati

  •      Studied color and portriat painting under Robin Frey and Kerry Dunn
  • Classes with Nelson Shanks, Dan Thompson and other teachers from Studio Incamminati

Teaching Experience

One on one lessons in oil painting from life



Lincoln University Senior Exhibition~Solo Show

First Friday Buds and Blossoms

Oxford Arts and Culture Exhibition
Wilmington Drama League~Solo Show



Studio Arts Major ~ Most Outstanding Academic Achievement

Dean's Award ~ Fine Arts

Dean's Award ~ Studio Arts

Academic Excellence ~ School of Humanities
My paintings are in the permanent collection of Ed Herr, John Ware, IV, April Elizabeth Herr, Will & Sylv Justice, Clinton & Laura Gangloff, and Michael Martorana






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