Missing You

Judy Montgomery, Artist 

























Missing You 


I feel you slipping away

Like a dream as one awakes

The closeness and warmth seemed so real

Yet in my soul it aches


Struggling to recapture the dream

Just a few more moments of your love

Sensing you slipping into the twilight

Just the thing I am so afraid of


Can love cross the boundaries

Of another time

Can love bring us back

To when you were mine

Can love withstand the strain

Of many days gone by

With no touch of your lips

With no look in your eyes


I seek to call your name

Yet I cannot speak a sound

As if in some strange dream

The expression cannot be found


If I acknowledge that you’re not here

And feel you vanish just like steam

I think that it would be

More of a nightmare than a dream


Can love hold up under fire

Or take it on the chin

Can love withstand many blows

Must loving you feel like a sin

 Does not love understand

Without you in my heart

There is no reason to even open my eyes

Surely love does not intend us to be apart


So if I must sleep to be with you

Rather than be drawn further away

Unable to face this world without you

Then I will sleep to be with you today


And I hope to dream of the many times

When you held me close and tight

When as I dreamt while fast asleep

Your arms were around me all through the night