So Long

Judy Montgomery, Artist 

So Long


I just need to know

That you are coming for me

I have held on so long, so long.


A thousand fears overshadow me

I pray the darkness to depart

You are the knight that lights my song, my song.


The winds blow and howl

Upon the sea so deep

I’ve been holding on so long, so long.


Are you coming for me like you say

Hopeful, but I don’t know

The storm beats so strong, so strong


Promises of what will be

Together, yes, you and me

Something new that we’ve never known

Together we have surely grown

Holding on to what I can’t see

Praying that you are coming for me

My spirit weakens, but this I know

My love for you will only grow


Metamorphous in a cocoon

Shall it see the light of day

I’ve expected birth so long, so long


Questions penetrate my wavering mind

How do I know to do what’s right

There’s a fine line between right and wrong, so wrong


In my heart and in my soul

You’ve become a part of me

I know that with you is where I belong, I belong


Please don’t hesitate I beg and plead

It’s cold and lonely and I can’t see

I have held on so long, so long