by Judy Montgomery

Through time and past the ages

My love for you is not bound

Nothing can contain this love

For you that I have found

Light years race not fast enough

To capture the way I feel

A million thieves would never be able

My love for you to steal


My love is not bound

By anything at all

No past, nor future

No gypsy’s crystal ball

Ten thousand armies

Could never tear me away

There aren’t enough cupids

To put my love on display

It may seem selfish

Perhaps a bit rude

But all the love I have

Belongs to only you

           Though one could search the universe

To Dimensions Unknown                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

No lover’s love could ever compare

My love for you cannot be cloned

Angels gather round about

To hear my precious tale

Of the boundless love I feel

That will never fail

                          If time should end

And this life be destroyed

My love for you

Will never be void

No matter what may come

No matter what may appear

My love for you

Has nothing to fear

And just in case I wasn’t clear

Just to get this through

I want you to know

Forever I will be in love with you.

By Judy Montgomery 


"We must design the future..."  Jim Rohn


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