The Man, The Myth
Judy Montgomery, Artist 



In a world,

In another land,

There we are

Hand in hand


I’m so much missing you


I dreamed of us

For so long

You were my strength

You were my song


My heart it burns inside


The man, the myth

Which did I love?

Who was the man

That I’m made of?


I’m second-guessing you


The lies, the tears

You didn’t care

The fatal blow

It wasn’t fair


I’m so mad that you lied


I believed in you

It’s all a blur

You weren’t the man

You said you were


Even so, I ache for you


You told me things

I never knew

You showed me love

No follow through


I would have rather died



You stood so tall


I stood in awe


I’m so much hating you


The chemistry

That we shared

From the Gods

It seemed so rare


I can’t believe you lied


So here I am

I’m alone

You stood and mocked

At our gravestone


I’m so afraid of you


Attacking vultures

I fight alone

I swear to stand

On my own


I feel so dead inside


I can’t believe

The lie again

The man, the myth

It’s all a sin


Why would I believe in you


On my feet

I carry on

Wishful thinking

Is all gone


My soul now has no guide


Thinking hard

I can’t explain

The pain you left

It’s so insane


How do I get over you


Every turn

It’s all the time

I search for you

It’s such a crime


Love’s prison is so deep and wide


I felt your flesh

Our souls combined

When we kissed

I was so blind


I’m so much missing you



You never kept

Empty words

While I wept


The truth was so denied